Full hands

This what life feels like most days having #2under2 It’s a juggling act of cradling one in my arms while balancing the other on my hip. Getting one down for a nap as the other wakes up crying to nurse. It’s figuring out how to keep them both alive when out in public alone. Many people look at me with pity in their eyes, some even ask me their ages and then gasp and say “oh you are brave” or “you have your hands full” as if it’s a bad thing. I usually smile and nod or give a fake laugh but what I wish I had the courage to say is how being their mom has molded me into the best version of myself. How it may seem that my hands are full but it’s nothing compared to how jam packed full my heart truly is. I wish I could tell them to stop pitying me. That I chose this life on purpose, that I’m living my dream. I’m living my best life with these two tiny girls. Yes, it is a huge responsibility but it’s also my greatest honor and the most exciting adventure of my life. 
Truly- if you see a Mama who looks like she has her hands full, instead of looking at her with that look in your eyes and joking about how hard her life must be. Don’t. If you think her hands are full...offer one of yours to help.

Photos by Ari Davidson Photography

I'm working on a blog post to release this weekend with my top 3 must-have products to have if you have babies close in age, like mine! Leave a comment if you have any questions you want to see answered in that post!