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This post is for you. My post last month about having full hands and a full heart got me thinking about the things that have made our lives easier and more manageable since Stella was born. I'd like to think that all of the learning and refining we are experiencing over here in this household can be used for more than just our benefit. So I've decided to share with you our top 4 must-have products for families that have babies close in age! We are also doing GIVEAWAYS for each post so read on to find out how to enter! I'm splitting these into 4 blogs over the next 2 months - so be on the look out!

 photo by Ari Davidson

photo by Ari Davidson


The Dockatot is something that I've wanted forever and we finally got one! We got the Dockatot Delux+ for Stella in "Pristine White" as well as an extra cover in this gorgeous print (because we all know it's bound to get spit up all over it). First of all, I want to say that the packaging for this product is amazing. It felt like Christmas morning unpacking this beauty! If you aren't familiar with Dockatot, It's a docking station for your tot. It's a place for your baby to rest, play and lounge. It's designed to be snug to make your babe feel comfortable like they are when they are held or when they were in the womb. They can play in it (they have little toy arches you can add on), have supervised tummy time and of course rest in it. The Delux+ is for baby ages 0-8 months old or 5-22Ibs. They are all-natural 100% cotton and are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic!  I love this product. When Evie wants me to be in her room playing with her, I can just carry the Dockatot to her room, put it on the floor, and lay Stella in it to keep a good eye on her while we have playtime. Evie loves it too because it gives her easy access to Stella, who loves cuddles and a quick love pat from her older sister. 

 photo by  Ari Davidson

photo by Ari Davidson

The girls have been sick this week, so instead of Stella sleeping in her bassinet, she has been sleeping in her dockatot on the bed between us. I have loved having her so close. Evie loved co-sleeping but Stella is "little miss independent" and could care less about sleeping with us! The Dockatot is great because I can reach over and put the paci in her mouth, pat her little tummy and kiss her head. The dock is the ideal micro-climate for babies, as it doesn't overheat. That means bye bye sweaty baby heads.  It is COMFORTABLE. I know this because when she is in the bed with us, I can rest my head on the side of it and cuddle her so comfortably. I wish they made one in a Mommy size - I'd sleep all day (Just kidding! Because...responsibilities. But a girl can dream, right?).

If you have a toddler and are wanting to transition her from co-sleeping to toddler bed, or from a crib to a toddler bed, the Dockatot Grand is perfect for facilitating that! The Grand is for babies 9 – 36 months and 22-40lbs. I am seriously considering getting the Grand for Evie, because I catch her at least once a day in her sisters Dockatot relaxing or snoozing. She is petit so it's not too big of a deal right now, but she's having to learn what is hers and what is sisters. For us, having #2under2, we don't have the space for 2 cribs! Evie just transitioned from our bed to her toddler bed (which is her crib converted) and so her crib won't be available until Evie is ready to upgrade to a montessori style twin bed. In the meantime, Stella naps in her dock and will sleep at night in her Bassinet or co-sleep with us in her dock. The space saving has been a game changer for sure.  We are traveling at the end of the month and I'm so excited that we have the dockatot so I don't have to lug 2 pack and plays! woo-hoo!

In short, the Dockatot makes life with 2 little ones way easier. It's safe, its portable, it's easy to use, its washable AND its beautiful. Aside from all of the technical things that make this product great...beautiful pieces for our babies is just so fun. Long gone are the days when having a baby meant having to have bright and bold primary colors all over your house. Now your babies "stuff" (and good lord there's so much "stuff") can fit seamlessly into the style of your home - which I just love.

NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY! Dockatot has teamed up with me to give away $100 store credit to one lucky mom or dad!

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PS. Welcome to the new name of our blog, With Grit + Grace.