No really, I do. Okay don't run away just yet...let me explain.

I used to hate doing laundry, well I hated all chores really. I'm a really laid back person and not OCD in the way that my house has to constantly be clean (that seems to be changing the more babies I have though!) I've always just kinda wung it. It wasn't until we switched and ditched all of our dirty products last year that I actually started getting excited about cleaners, laundry detergent..adult stuff. When I first got my Starter Kit with Young Living I thought it was just oils that smelled good that would replace my candle addiction. Boy was I wrong. When I made that youtube video last year of myself finding out in real time just how disgusting all of our household products were...even THEN I didn't know all that was already available to me. So when I started researching for replacements I was taken aback to find that most everything I needed I could get from the same place that I get my oils...AND of course it all smells heavenly (and I later learned actually supports our bodies as well!).




So first things first. I switched our laundry detergent to Thieves Laundry Soap. It's plant based, has no chemical or synthetic residues and has Thieves essential oil in it. Y'all know by now (because I'm annoying and I keep telling you) that our skin is our largest organ - so that means whatever our clothes were washed in sits on our skin all day errday and our skin just absorbs and absorbs whatever chemicals or toxins are in said clothes. Those toxins effect our allergies, our hormones and the chemicals in our brains! That's why I was so passionate about switching our Laundry detergent. Now our skin just soaks up all of the goodness of Thieves essential oil which is like an immune boosting powerhouse of an oil. It's the mother of all oils. You clean with it, you apply it to your feet and diffuse it to "stay above the wellness line" (ya'll know I have to be compliant with how I word stuff but...you know me..it helps keep the ick and ish away). Heck you can even put a drop in your tea for extra support! (the oil not the cleaner). Speaking of ingesting cleaner though. Have ya'll seen the whole Tide Pod challenge thing? What the heck? Is it the end times already? I'm not ready - Lord forgive us for we are dumb. Anyways...another reason I wanted to ditch and switch our products is because I was terrified that Everly would get curious enough and crafty enough to figure out the baby locks and get into cleaners and soaps and DRINK them. Well when you are dealing with non-toxic clean products like Thieves Laundry Soap you're good to go. No calling poison control, the warning label on the back of the Thieves Laundry Soap reads "drink plenty of water to dilute"


 OH! and Thieves Laundry Soap is SUPPPPEEEER concentrated so it only needs 1/4 of a capful per load (it seems tiny I know). 32 oz does 64 loads! However, since it's so concentrated and doesn't have all of the bad stuff in it that makes other detergents 'sud' - we wash all of our loads on Heavy Duty. The more water and agitation the better!

Okay I gotta move on... there's more stuff in the laundry room (aka the bathroom because our new house is tiny but we LOVE IT)


 Y'all. These are like one of the worst things to have in your house. Uggghhh they are so bad. I won't bore you. You can research. So yeah I tossed 'em. Now we use WOOL DRYER BALLS.

My wooly balls:


Where you can buy your own wooly balls:

I use 6, yes 6, in the dryer with whatever essential oils I'm feeling that day. (I put like 2 drops on each ball). If it's our undies, or if Everly has had a blow out on an outfit - I use purification. If it's our pj's or linens - I use lavender. Most everything else I'll use a citrusy oil like Jade Lemon, Lemongrass or Citrus Fresh. It's all good. If you like floral-y type smells you could use Joy or Bergamont as well. Anyways... the dryer balls get rid of the static and the oils make everything smell fresh without the use of those nasty dryer sheets.


If you have extra static (aka winter is the worst for every reason) I just started using this toxic-free spray - Static Schmatic and it does the trick! I spray the clothes as I take them out of the basket as I fold them and they're good to go!

If you have a picky husband like me, who's shirts are top priority but always seem to shrink...


I just got this one off amazon and it has been a lifesaver. Like I said, our house is tiny so I was running out of space to hang his shirts everywhere in the house (on the shower, on the crib, on dining room chairs). This is way easier and it collapses so you can store it easily in small spaces. 

My drying rack:


Here's where I bought it:



THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER! Omg I just discovered this and I'm so happy. Make a tiny glass spray bottle that you can keep in your laundry room with Thieves cleaner and water in it and use that as stain remover!

I think I've covered it all but I haven't quite explained why I love laundry day now...

The truth is.. I get to sit and watch This Is Us or listen to my new favorite podcast Coffee + Crumbs while I'm folding clothes, and they smell so good. Also I smile every time I do my laundry because I know that me choosing to make our home clean doesn't just effect me, but every time I buy soap I know I'm supporting another hard working mama and not some huge gross company like Tide. (Sorry not sorry). I support a company that has the highest standards with their products and gives back to the global community on a bigger scale than I've seen any other company like it do. If your interested in reading more about all the ways this company gives back go here: https://younglivingfoundation.org/

So that's it you guys... if you have any questions please feel free to comment and I would love to help! I write these blogs, and post stuff on instagram and facebook because I'm passionate and I've found so much joy in doing what is right for my family and honestly, I love leading by example. I'm not trying to sell you anything other than the truth!

I get asked a lot about Young Living and how it works and I want you to know that yes I get a paycheck when people buy product from me. No it's not a huge paycheck (yet). But it helps our family tremendously. I am so thankful for the people that have chosen to trust me, purchase from me and allow me to pour into them everything I'm learning. It has been one of the most fulfilling things ever. If you ever have any questions about Young Living PLEASE feel free to ask me. It won't hurt my feelings, or offend me, or make me unfriend you :) I thought all of the same thoughts before getting to know the company myself.

I love y'all!

PS. I shop on Amazon a ton. Do any of you use Amazon Prime? I'm drying to decide if it's worth it for our family!