My Journey to Clean Living

Hi ya'll!

Yesterday I uploaded a video to Facebook that was about some of the realizations I had about my home and the products we were using in our every day lives.I got such an amazing feedback from others who are wanting to start taking small steps to make their homes chemical-free that I decided I would start blogging about my journey! I am a passionate person by nature, but when I found out that the Johnson & Johnson products I was using on my 8 month old baby (and had been using on her since birth) were a 10 on the Dirty Scale I lost it. I sat in the floor and I cried and then a fire was lit within me to finish what I had started. I went around the house scanning barcodes with my Think Dirty app and the more 'dirty' products I found the angrier I became. I was so distraught that I decided I could not keep this info to myself, but I needed to share it with my friends and family and other Mamas who may have no clue about the chemicals in our everyday products and what they are doing to our babies, our bodies (allergens, hormone disrupters) and even our emotions. So I picked myself up, grabbed a trash bag and all of the dirty products and filmed a video to spread the knowledge. 

My goal for 2017 was to create a clean, chemical and toxic free home and I while I am not all the way there I am well on my way. It's a long journey ahead but one that is worth it for the safety and well-being of my family. 


I am planning on doing more videos and covering going "Clean" in these areas of our lives and home:

Clean Bathrooms

Clean Kitchens Kitchen

Clean Laundry Rooms

Clean Nursery

Beauty & Self-Care the Clean Way


I will also be adding some of my favorite Vegan recipes here and there!

What do you think?

What would you be interested learning more about?

Tell me everything! I want to do this for all of us, to live better/more fulfilled and healthier lives.