Fall, Finally

The weather has finally cooled down and I am a little too excited about layering clothes, drinking hot coffee, long walks around the neighborhood, the smell of burning leaves and last but not least not sweating my tush off at photoshoots. Something about Fall is so inspiring to me - it gives my heart the flutters and makes me want to start goals not only in my work but also in my personal life, Something about the brisk air that makes me crave deep conversations with the people I love. I think Fall is my January.  A time to regroup, refresh, restart. I love it!

I have been researching Bullet Journals and am really wanting to start one. I hope that it will be something I can keep up with. I've always been that girl. You know the girl that has multiple (to put it lightly) partially filled journals that never gets done. I've always wanted to be a consistent journal-er but it has never been my forte. I DO, however, LOVE making lists and checking things off of lists so I'm hoping the Bullet Journal will help me reach that goal of starting and finishing a journal. Have any of you done Bullet Journaling? Any advice for me?

Here are two of my favorite photos of Nicole that I shot on the last day of September. This girl is so effortless in front of the camera. She makes my job so easy.