Our 1st vacation as a family of 4

When I say vacation, I don't really mean vacation. Unless you consider 32 total hours driving with 2 babies under 2 years old a vacation. And if you do...what kind of psycho are you!? Would I recommend it? Ehhh no. If you have a short drive I'm all for it, but for long distance driving save your sanity and buy plane tickets. The key to having a good vacation with littles (in retrospect) is having absolutely no expectations. You gotta put on your disappointment pants and roll with the punches because most everything will not go as planned or desired. Also, be prepared for everything! Bring all of the snacks, way too many burp clothes, more diapers and wipes than you THINK you need, extra clothes for the inevitable blowouts and pack an extra bag or two of patience. And good Lord Almighty if you're driving in Florida don't forget change for the bazillion tolls you will hit along the turnpike. 

We were able to see both sides of the family on this trip which made all of the insanity worth it and we got to watch the sunrise over Satellite beach which was just gorgeous. 


And of course a major perk was getting to swim and play in our coordinating Mommy + Me swimsuits from SwimZip! How gorgeous is this "peachy stripe" print? I was never a fan of rash guards before I stumbled across SwimZip on instagram and realized that they could be this cute! This year I was on the hunt for Mommy + Me Styles.  I kept imagining what it would be like to have to slather sunscreen ALL over both babies and I decided I would rather them wear these UV protective rash guards and suits and cut my sunscreen application time in half. Now I only have to worry about their faces, hands, legs and feet! Oh and we can't forget the ears. Okay now I'm going to bombard you with photos of us in these suits because that's what you're really here for right? 


And for all of you nursing Mama's...this suit was easy and discrete to nurse in! Yes I am actually breastfeeding in the photos below:


Now I'm off to dream/plan a tiny get away for just Paul and I, sans kids. As nice as it was to be with family and to enjoy the beach and pool time we need a real vacation after the one we just had. If you have any suggestions please comment and let us know!

Thank you to my sweet husband for capturing these photos for me! 


our must haves - Dockatot

For the Mama's that need an extra hand...

and the Dads too!

This post is for you. My post last month about having full hands and a full heart got me thinking about the things that have made our lives easier and more manageable since Stella was born. I'd like to think that all of the learning and refining we are experiencing over here in the Kimsal household can be used for more than just our benefit. So I've decided to share with you our top 4 must-have products for families that have babies close in age! We are also doing GIVEAWAYS for each post so read on to find out how to enter! I'm splitting these into 4 blogs over the next 2 months - so be on the look out!

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Full hands

This what life feels like most days having #2under2 It’s a juggling act of cradling one in my arms while balancing the other on my hip. Getting one down for a nap as the other wakes up crying to nurse. It’s figuring out how to keep them both alive when out in public alone. Many people look at me with pity in their eyes, some even ask me their ages and then gasp and say “oh you are brave” or “you have your hands full” as if it’s a bad thing. I usually smile and nod or give a fake laugh but what I wish I had the courage to say is how being their mom has molded me into the best version of myself.

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No really, I do. Okay don't run away just yet...let me explain.

I used to hate doing laundry, well I hated all chores really. I'm a really laid back person and not OCD in the way that my house has to constantly be clean (that seems to be changing the more babies I have though!) I've always just kinda wung it. It wasn't until we switched and ditched all of our dirty products last year that I actually started getting excited about cleaners, laundry detergent..adult stuff.

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It's FALL Y'ALL! I don't know about you but I get really excited about Fall. Halloween, the changing leaves, my birthday (I turn 30 in days...WHAT!?), oversized sweaters, Thanksgiving, hot drinks, diffusing fall essential oils and EVERYTHING PUMPKIN AND APPLE SPICED. Fall is pretty much the season you're allowed to eat sweet things all day everyday and i'm so on board with that.

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My Favorite Photo Printers

It's weird that I'm a photographer and I'd never really had photos printed and hung before. That all changed when my daughter was born. We have zero photos printed and displayed from our dating, engagement or wedding but we have SO MANY printed of our Everly. Can you blame me?

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Because Babies Deserve Real Food Too

So before Everly was born I was determined to make all her baby food. We got a mixer,  the Infantino Squeeze Station, pouches and everything! I had so much fun making and freezing pouches of sweet potato puree, green beans, avocado...etc. But boy was it work. Now that Everly is a year old these pouches are no longer meals but SNACKS and she will down 2 at a time in 2 seconds flat! Needless to say, I can no longer keep up with her appetite or her refined palette (diva).

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The Joys and Sorrows of Nursing

As with everything in this motherhood journey, I am once again experiencing two conflicting emotions with the end of one chapter and the start of another. When I was pregnant with Everly the one thing I obsessed over was if I would be 'successful' in my desire to breastfeed her for the first year of her life. I was constantly worried that I wouldn't produce enough milk, that she wouldn't learn to latch, that it would prove to be too painful to endure...etc. Everything about becoming a mom is terrifying. Will I know when I'm having contractions? Will my water break? How bad is it really going to hurt? Will my body make enough milk? Can I keep a baby alive? These are the questions I can bet most pregnant women have while they are nesting and obsessing over registries and nursery decorations.

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I originally wanted to do all Baby Essentials in one post, but it is a lot of info. I don't want to overwhelm you, so today we are only covering Diapers! 

First I'm going to list all of the Baby Essentials I had BEFORE I started this journey, then I will share a list of solutions that I have found and even some links where you can purchase! With each DIRTY product I will have 3 solutions: 1. Convenient Solution 2. Affordable Solution and 3. a DIY Solution.

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My Journey to Clean Living

Hi ya'll!

Yesterday I uploaded a video to Facebook that was about some of the realizations I had about my home and the products we were using in our every day lives.I got such an amazing feedback from others who are wanting to start taking small steps to make their homes chemical-free that I decided I would start blogging about my journey! I am a passionate person by nature, but when I found out that the Johnson & Johnson products I was using on my 8 month old baby (and had been using on her since birth) were a 10 on the Dirty Scale I lost it. I sat in the floor and I cried and then a fire was lit within me to finish what I had started.

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The end of 2016 was a whirlwind of gigs, first holidays with Everly, spending time with family and preparing for the new year. Thankfully the beginning of the year slowed down just a tad so I could catch my breath! It is only February but I have already taken some of my favorite photos ever this year! The new year really brought out a new confidence in me. I am less afraid to create what I desire (and to do so within the vision of the client). I am thankful for clients who give me complete freedom and room to create. I am thankful for new clients and friends and the impact they've had on my life. One of the things that I love about this business is that photography is such an intimate thing.

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Fall, Finally

The weather has finally cooled down and I am a little too excited about layering clothes, drinking hot coffee, long walks around the neighborhood, the smell of burning leaves and last but not least not sweating my tush off at photoshoots. Something about Fall is so inspiring to me - it gives my heart the flutters and makes me want to start goals not only in my work but also in my personal life, Something about the brisk air that makes me crave deep conversations with the people I love. I think Fall is my January.  A time to regroup, refresh, restart. I love it!

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Morning Struggles - Morning Snuggles

Being a Mom has changed me.

It has changed me in all of the best ways. I have NEVER been a morning person. I dreaded waking up and getting my day started - hated leaving the comfort of my bed and the the warmth of the blankets. I dealt with bouts of depression. I'm not good enough - My photography sucks - I'll never be successful - No one will want to hang out with me - I will fail at being a wife today. Those are the thoughts that I used to struggle with some mornings. I am a huge believer in "A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest." I was constantly resting because I think subconsciously I was so afraid of failure that I didn't want to even put in effort.

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Hi there!

I am so excited to finally have my website up and running. Knowing me there will be lots of changes made to it pretty quickly but for now it's here and I'm happy!

I will also begin blogging again and will be writing about pretty much everything - not just photography. 

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